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Positive Thinking is still an evergreen topic in the Self Improvement industry. In recent years, positive psychology has emerged as its own discipline, unveiling research behind the art of flourishing – positivity.

Positivity is also under skepticism and scrutiny. There are false beliefs that positivity and positive thinking are all about having rosy lenses on, even in the direst of situations. This is far from reality.

Positive Psychology has created a plethora of practical techniques that can be utilized to help a person shift from a negative state of mind toward a more positive one.

In a world full of doubts, anxiety, uncertainty and fear, this is something many people need.

There are millions, maybe even billions of people seeking more information and expertise on how to snap out of their negative minds.

Are you ready to grab your slice of this market?

That is where the Positivity at Work Content Bundle comes in.

You can now set yourself apart as an expert on the art of flourishing – aka positivity. With this bundle you will be able to launch a series of posts, and you could even create a lead magnet to draw in leads for your coaching or training services on the topic.

I’ve done the hard work for you

Positivity at Work is a content bundle you can use to get your clients and customers moving in the right direction quickly.

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This content gives you the headstart that you need to creating a product your clients will use and love.

Save time and money

Hiring a ghostwriter and graphic designer and coder can take up valuable time. Use this product to get going fast, so you can focus on your business.

Quality Content

This content was written by a native English speaker from the US. You don’t have to worry about getting subpar content in this pack.

You get a complete bundle of content: Articles, Challenge, Emails, Book Compilation, Quotes and Quote Image.

Let me show you what’s inside this bundle

High Quality Articles

Use these articles to build your presence and authority online. These will make great blog posts, or podcast audio or even points for presentations. All articles are 400+ words.

The article titles include:

Are you naturally a negative or positive thinker?

Can being positive really lead to more success

Ask these two questions to redirect negativity at work

3 steps to shift into a positive mindset

10 simple habits to grow your positivity at work

Comes in these formats: TXT | DOC | PAGES

5-Day Challenge

You’ll also get this pre-made challenge. People love challenges. This will make a great opt-in or value add for customers that want to get some action steps toward making a positive change in their lives. You could use these challenges topics as blog posts, an online course or even as part of your coaching program.

Comes in these formats: TXT | DOC | PAGES

Positivity Quotes

We curated 10 quotes to build your authority even further. You could combine them with your articles or make some cool images as well.

Comes in these formats: TXT | DOC | PAGES

Email Series

You get a series of emails you can copy, paste and tweak to build a relationship with your new subscribers.

Comes in these formats: TXT


Don’t want to blog?

We took the articles and compiled them together into an ebook/report that you can share with your customers. This would make a great option to sell or give away. The choice is yours.

Comes in these formats: TXT | DOC | PAGES | PDF

Quote Images

We also took the positivity quotes and created some ready to brand-and-go images for your. You can add your logo and share on your social media quickly. We saved the editable images in PPT format so you can changes things as needed and continue using the pre-made layout.

Comes in these formats: PPT | JPG

Massive Value for a Small Price!

It would cost hundreds to pay someone to all this, or you could spend hours trying to put all these things together.

Right now, you can grab all the contents and begin using it immediately in your business.

Let's Recap what you're getting in this bundle

5 high quality articles,

5-day challenge,

5 emails,

10 positivity quotes and images to match.

You’re even getting the articles compiled into an ebook/report.

All for an amazing price

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Positivity at Work DFY Content Bundle

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